Pneumatic High Performance Butterfly Valve

-Connection standard:JB/T79.1,JB/T79.2,HG20615,ASME B16.5,ASME B16.47
-Working temperature:-19~425℃
-Working pressure:1.6~6.3Mpa
-Body:WCB、Stainless steel
-Medium: Strong acid, alkali and oxidant 

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High performance butterfly valve is a new type butterfly valve designed on the basis of absorbing the advantages of several butterfly valves with different structures. The valve disc sealing surface of this butterfly valve is spherical arc, and the sealing mechanism achieves a real dynamic sealing through the system pressure, so it has excellent cutting performance and durability. Design features: epoxy coating, double offset design, one-way medium flow direction of explosion-proof rod (indicated by arrow of valve body). Metal seal can be applied to medium with slight particles and slurry, which has almost no friction and ensures less torque and better sealing.

1. Positioning plug
2. Seat retaining plate
3. Round stud
4. Disc
5. Seat
6. Bearing assembly
7. Stem
8. Stem seal
9. Body

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