Single Seat Regulating Valve

Body:WCB、WC9、CF8、CF8M etc
Packing:V Type PTFE、Flexible graphite、corrugated pipe

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There is one trim and one seat within the single seat regulating valve,,the advantage is the small leakage, with the big unbalanced force,its allowable differential pressure is smaller than that of two-seat valve. It is better to equip with valve positioned for the high pressure difference and large caliber, The valve with nominal diameter (> 25mm) is of double guiding structure. It can be opened or closed by changing the connecting position between the stem and the spool.
1. Body
2. Gasket
3. Bolt
4. Seat
5. Trim
6. Gasket
7. Guide sleeve
8. Bonnet
9. Stud
10. Packing pads
11. Packing
12. Sleeve nuts

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