Explosion-proof solenoid valves

Plate-mounted solenoid valves are mounted on the pneumatic actuators, generally one-to-one installation. The solenoid valves and actuators are connecting with each other, which is independent in troubleshooting, will not affect each other, and reduce maintenance time. Flameproof solenoid valve with flameproof function is flameproof solenoid valve.

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Aluminum body, with threaded interface and NAMUR interface, explosion-proof coils meet EN50014, EN50017 (EEx d), EN50028 (EEx m), EN50028 + EN50019 (EEx me) and E50020 (EEx i) standards.
- Operating differential pressure: 2~10bar,Max pressure:10bar
-Sealing element: NBR+PUR
- Anti-invasion of liquid, dust and foreign bodies (to protect against external influences)
- Conventional explosion-proof grade: EXDⅡBT4,EXDⅡCT6
- Dust explosion-proof grade: 21, 22, DIPA22TAT4, DIPA22TAT4

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