Plate Mounted Solenoid Valve

Plate-mounted solenoid valves are mounted on pneumatic actuators, generally one-to-one installation. The solenoid valves and actuators are connecting with each other, which is independent in troubleshooting, will not affect each other, and reduce maintenance time.

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 Pilot-operated Solenoid Valve,
-2/3 way(Suitable for spring return pneumatic actuator)、2/5 way(Suitable for double acting pneumatic actuator)
-High flow rate 1.4Cv
- Fast response time (up to 4 times/s)
- Special O-ring, no need of secondary lubrication
-Apply high wear-resistant shaft seals in internal, stable life, life can reach 12 million times
- With manual switch, it can be tested in situ.
- Various Voltages and Operating Mode Options

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