3 Components

3 Components include air pressure reducing valve, filter and oil mist. The pressure reducing valve can regulate the pressure of the gas source, keep the gas source in a constant state, and reduce the damage to the hardware such as the valve or actuator caused by sudden change of the gas pressure. The filter is used to clean the air source. It can filter the water in the compressed air and avoid the water entering the device with the gas. The oil mist can lubricate the moving parts of the body, lubricate the parts which are not convenient to add lubricating oil, and prolong the service life of the body greatly.

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- Two pressure regulation ranges: 0.5... 7bar and 0.5... 12 bar
- Two pressure gauge interfaces for different installation options
- With manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic condensate discharge
- Optional filter element: 5 or 40 microns
- It is recommended to use the following oils for Fleho components: Viscosity range conforms to ISO 3448, ISO grade VG 32

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